Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Michael Savage Interviews VP Mike Pence (3/1/2017)


Trump raising "spirit of America"

Navy SEAL widow -- showing America for who she is

VP -- "believe in America again" "leadership has been lacking in recent years"

Democrats were moved by State of the Union Address 2017 -- "stirred by rousing speech"

What are 3 biggest priorities in next 4 years for VP?  Same as President

1.) national security & rebuild military
2.) confronting illegal immigration "get bad ones out"
3.) getting economy moving - repeal Obamacare

   "robust agenda"  -Savage

Pence focused on illegal immigration (more so that legal immigration)

VP commended Michael Savage for raising illegal immigration issue in country.

Savage had ice cream desert w/Trump for an hour.  "He is exactly what he sounds like."

VP said Trump respects Savage.  VP said Trump believes in American people.

Savage wants 8 years of Trump & 8 years of Pence.

Hopefully, Trump will bring Savage to White House dinner; VP will tell President.

VP is humbled.

Jimmy Fallon Seems Pretty Decent as "President Trump" Here-- NOT Like SNL Alec Baldwin

Jimmy Fallon as "President Trump"

State of the Union 2017 (with my notes)

Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017


Closing Black History Month

Violence against Jews

Condemns hate in all its forms

New national pride


Renewal of the American spirit

Allies will find American is once again ready to lead

250 Anniversary of U.S. Founding in 9 years

Inner cities children

Spoken by all colors and creeds—America puts its own citizens first—only then make America great again

Veterans, military, drug epidemic, neglected inner cities

Businesses will invest in the U.S. and create new American jobs; stock market grew since election

Drain swamp on government officials with bans

Eliminate job-crushing regulations, esp. for coal miners

American steel

Women entrepreneurs

DoJ reducing violent crime & dismantle criminal cartels in U.S.

Treatment for those badly addicted

Immigration enforcement and border security

Make communities safer for everyone

Construction of great wall

Radical Islamic terrorism
Wreckless where proper vetting cannot occur
Cannot allow beachhead or sanctuary for terrorists

Demolish ISIS that has killed Muslims, Christians and men/women/children from other religions—extinguish vile enemy from the planet

Iran’s ballistic missile program

Alliance w State of Israel

Judges who will defend our Constitution

94m out of labor force
43m poverty
43m food stamps
1of5 not working

Worst financial recovery in 65 years

More debt than all Presidents combined

Work past differences of party

Easy for businesses to do businesses in u.s. and harder for companies to leave

Level playing field for workers

Harley Davidson ride motorcycle

Change in overseas taxes   -- free trade and fair trade  -- Lincoln “want and ruin”

Reform legal immigration  -- Canada has merit-based immigration support themselves financially – need less strain on taxpayers

Help immigrants families enter middle class “quickly and be very, very happy indeed”

Eisenhower  built interstate hwy system – time as come for national rebuilding* 

$6T in Middle East—could have been used in U.S.

$1T legislation--  Buy American and hire American

Repeal and replace Obamacare   o collapsing
Mandating govt healthcare never right insurance

Lower health insurance

Pre-existing condition coverage & HSA but their choice not govt, protect doctors and bring down drug prices

Democrats and Republicans unite

Paid family leave*

Women’s health

Clean water



rare disease day

remove restrains from fda and others

education is civil rights issue of our time    school choice African am and Latino!  Homeschooling

poverty and violence

Office of victims of illegal immigrant crime

e.g., college student, police officer, military “they only have to win”*
We will always honor their memory

Budget to rebuild military ….eliminate defense sequester

Increase funding for veterans “and now we must deliver for them”*

None are braver than those who fight for America in uniform*

Navy SEAL*
Bible – no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends

Strongly support NATO*   partners must meet financial obligations

NATO, Middle East, Pacific

Respect foreign rights of nations, but they need to respect our rights as nation

My job is not to represent the world.  My job is to represent the USA

Displaced persons return home and begin process of rebuilding

We want peace wherever peace can be found, not war

250 anniversary

American footprints on world

We all bleed the same blood, we all salute the same American flag, we are made by the same God*

Dream big and bold

Believe in America

God bless the United States!

Commissioned Old Blog for Trump-Pence

After watching the State of the Union address, I hereby activate this old blog to support President Trump and Vice President Pence.

In God We Trust

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rick Suspends 2016 Campaign

On Wed., Feb. 3, 2016, Senator Santorum suspended his presidential campaign. 

I was saddened but understand.  Thank you, Rick, for fighting!  Remember, Lincoln lost many elections, too.

You were and are still my candidate.  You were so in 2012 and you were my first choice again (after some internal deliberation) in 2016.

I hope you are selected as a VP running mate in 2016.  If so, then I will once again place my pen and time at the service of your campaign.

If not, then until next time (either in 2020 or 2024), I suspend this blog The Great Eagle, too, and await for your return.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America!